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DC automobile washermotor vehicle washer clean
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electric car washer
water flow:3.5-6.5L/min
G.W.: 6.5/7kg

electric car washer

Firstly thanks for your use of our portable multi-function car washing machine. The washing machine adopts Italian motor technology, and has the performance of low noise, fast speed, strong pressure, and stable. The pump head uses dual filter with water. The outer body of the motor is with spray paint steel and fuel injection and fully sealed waterproof. The components are made of stainless steel. The high-pressure water gun is cooper-specific and has variety of water. The car washing machine is with multi-function of quick and free combination. It is the necessary washing machine product which is flexible and convenient portable.

I,Safety and precautions
1.Prohibits the use of spray gun at people and animals, or used to wash the engine, so as not to cause harm.
2.The machine uses special adapter of DC12V10.5A/AC100V ~ 220V power supply, PLS make sure before use.
3. When using the NE-310 type machine, PLS place the engine in the idle speed, to prevent the loss of car battery power.
4.The machine is built-in thermal protection system, a single continuous water no more than 30 minutes is appropriate.
5.After each use, it must be drained high pressure water within the high pressure pump. Relief can extend using life.
6.In winter to prevent water insde the machine ice, PLS spray water again for some time, until the water is drained.
II,Using instruction

Launch car engine---Plug in the NE310A power---close the door-first wet the car---then brush the car-then wash the car.
1,Open the spray gun, and empty the inside air, turn the water barrel to adjust water shape, adjust the spray nozzle to mist,

wet the car body, wheels, and rinse dust on the car surface.
2,The pump membrane is anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemicals. Dilution of the washing liquid, then use the machine to spray

the liquid on the car in mist shape.
3.Modulate the nozzle to scattering shape, make the spray and car body in a bevel and wash the car, starting wash from top to

4. Pull out the water filter head and use our  special quick connector, which can access to the tap water to supply water.

(Special note: access to tap water, the water pressure should not exceed 4 kgs.)
III,Teconology Specifications
(4),water flow:3.5-6.5L/min  
(6),gross weight:6.5/7(kg)   
V,select accessories
(1)NE-126  special adapter of power supply
(2)water quick connector
(3)double clip battery cable
VI,General troubleshooting
Trouble: the machine doesn’t work.
No water from spray gun or presssure be smaller.
Gun leaking, pump quick head  connector leaking
Poor connection of power plug, fuse is damaged, car cigarette lighter has thermal protection.
Gun hole is blocked.
Filter is blocked.
Round filter O-ring aging
Ring is damaged.
Quick changing head O-ring is changed.
After checking, re-plug the power cord, replace the 10A fuse, after cool for 5 minutes then re-insert to use.
Remove the nozzle and wash
Scrub the filter
Replace O-ring
Replace the ring
Replace quick change head O-ring
(1) A large ring of O-type water in filter. A little O-ring of water out,
(2) a special filter wrench, and one fuse.
(3)Dual battery connector
VIII,Schematic diagram
Before each use, PLS check high-pressure pump whether the hose is normally no damaged, paying particular attention to wires

and filters.

nsert the two ends of water out hose into the high-pressure water pump and spray gun connector.
Insert the plug into the cigarette lighter socket. (Cigar lighter)
The high-pressure pump will automatically run, and in the standby ready to use.  Different water-jet mode can turn the rubber

regulator of water gun.
If you spray salt water, after that PLS spray fresh water again so as to spray salt inside the machine parts.

Off the machine should be firstly off the source of water, and spray out high-pressure water. Pull out the cigar power plug,

pull out the hose from the high-pressure hose pump and quick change joint that inside the water gun handle.
Outlet high-pressure pipe
Inlet pipe
adjustable spray gun
12V high-pressure water pump

Insert the water pipe into the quick change joint
Adjustable knob with spray shape
Pull out the water pipe

If you must clean the filter and replace the "O"-ring, PLS use the provided "C" type wrench (Figure 5) and "O"-ring as

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